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We would like to encourage EVERYONE (no training is needed for most positions) to volunteer at BINGO and designate Granada’s Safe and Sober Grad Night Class of 2023 as your program!  Other classes have received over $10k for their volunteer's efforts! 


This is easy work; shifts are 2-4 hours or longer depending on what you sign up for. You get a free T-Shirt and meet some great parents from our Livermore schools. Granada Bingo is located in the Student Union at Granada High School on Saturday nights.  For first timers it is suggested that you sign up for Flash Sales, Snack bar, or warm up sales which are easy jobs!


If we have enough regular volunteers (yes you can volunteer every week), the program will allow us to have a donation night where ALL tips received from that game go towards our program. 

Sign up for regular dates in April through July using this link

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