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What is
Safe and Sober Grad Night (SSGN)?

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Safe and Sober Grad Night parties are conducted nationally.  The two highest risk nights for High School students are Prom and Grad night.  Safe & Sober Grad Night parties are coordinated by a committed group of parents joining together with other community members to give their high school graduates a safe, sober and memorable night to celebrate their achievements!

The Philosophy and goal is to provide a SAFE, SOBER & FUN celebration for the GHS graduating class. The graduating Seniors will enjoy activities, music, food, prizes, entertainment and a memorable night with classmates.  More then just a "party" Grad Night is a commitment by parents, school and the community to create a "Once in a Lifetime" celebration. Grad Night is a unique and spectacular alcohol and drug free celebration.  It builds the spirit of togetherness among the graduates as they celebrate with classmates for one last time. A sense of community is developed as everyone works to keep the graduates entertained and safe on what could potentially be the most dangerous night of their lives.


Grad Night celebrations are a success because of the commitment of the parents, the backing of schools, and the generous support of the community. The graduates deserve to be celebrated!!

Everyone Benefits from Grad Night!



  • A special night to remember with classmates!

  • Great time alcohol & drug free!

  • ALL graduates have a party to attend!


  • Parent awareness & participation in school sponsored activities.

  • A stronger bond between school and senior class.


  • Comfort knowing their graduate is in a safe environment.

  • Make new connections with  parents in the community.


  • Take pride in providing a positive, safe & memorable experience for Granada High's graduating class.

Contact the Grad Night Committee if you have questions at

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